Картина на холсте

Corporate university

App for organizing distance learning and testing, assessment of employees and external users. Create an educational ecosystem based on Bitrix24!

Online learning

  • Flexible course builder - quickly and easily create programs of any complexity using Drag & Drop technology.

  • Any lesson formats: SCORM, video, PPT and PDF in convenient viewing modes.

  • Educational materials. Adding any number of materials to courses, links to knowledge bases.



  • All types of questions: alternative answers; multiple choice; restoration of compliance; sequence assembly; open questions. Possibility of setting weights for questions.

  • Import / export hundreds of pre-prepared questions from a special Excel template.

  • Passing score, test interval, availability of test results and many other parameters.


180/360-degree feedback

  • Organize a 180/360 assessment for your corporate, management, soft, team and other competencies.


Other functionality

  • Training / testing assignment. Integration with employees, Bitrix tasks.

  • Creation of open, closed study groups with possibility of discussion, interaction, restricting access to participants. Intermodular work in learning groups.

  • Restricting access to courses, tests to a specific target audience.

  • Reporting tests and courses.

  • Ratings of courses and tests. Feedback on courses and tests.

  • Provide access to tests and courses to persons external to the organization. Without opening access to the entire Bitrix 24 portal, but only to specific courses and / or tests.

  • Multilingual - each user can choose a language that is comfortable for himself. Available in: Russian, English, Vietnamese (coming soon), Spanish (coming soon), Italian, German (coming soon), Polish (coming soon), Portuguese (coming soon), Turkish (coming soon), French, Ukrainian.

  • Gamification system.

App links



Box version (for Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan)

  • Until the end of 2021 for free, then by subscription to Bitrix24.Market


Box version (for all countries except Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan)

  • Up to 3 lessons / tests / courses / assessments - free

  • Up to 10 lessons / tests / courses / assessments:

    • 1 month - 20 USD.

    • 3 months - 52 USD.

    • 6 months - 79 USD.

  • Unlimited:

    • 1 month - 23 USD.

    • 3 months - 60 USD.

    • 6 months - 103 USD.


Local version

You can order an individual version of the app for the purpose of further development. Drop us your request for a personalized offer.

For information on how to purchase an app, what types of apps exist and answers to other questions see the FAQ .